April 14, 2018 CFA Exam TipsAdmin

Top 5 Reasons for CFA Failure and How CFA® Online Coaching Can Help

There is one thing that you already know about CFA exam, there are as many tales of failures as there are success stories for this exam. While earning a charter would open up many new opportunities for your career your odds of failing are equally strong. So why do candidates fail in this exam? Yes, the syllabus is vast, you have to deal with a tight exam schedule and the format tests every bit of knowledge and skills you have to succeed. Keeping these aside most candidates fail to clear the exam owing to their preparation or rather the lack of it. While most of them think they have done enough the results often tell a different story.

One of the biggest mistakes is the lack of a structured study plan. Like all other competitive exams, CFA also requires thorough preparation and you need to seek external help for that. You aren’t likely to be able to attend full-time CFA coaching classes or not have access to the same in the place you live in. This is where CFA online coaching can help you and thousands have already benefitted from it. Let us now take a look at some of the common reasons for failure in CFA exam and how CFA online coaching can help you.

Reason 1 – Over Dependence on CFA’s Study Material

Are you under the impression that CFA’s study material would see you through in the exam? It is time to think again as most candidates who have successfully cleared the exam over the years would vouch for the fact that they equally relied upon (or even more) study materials apart from those made available by CFA Institute. A CFA Online Coaching institute would provide you with additional study materials that help you prepare comprehensively. Apart from text materials they also let you access videos and quizzes that allow you to constantly test your knowledge and ability to apply it during the examination.

Reason 2 – You Have Only Counted Hours

If you search the internet for ideas to pass CFA exam you would have definitely come across blogs and articles that suggest the number of hours it takes to pass the exam. 200, 300, 350…you will come across all kinds of figures. If you take these suggestions at face value you are in for a disappointment. While these blogs do suggest you number of hours successful candidates have put in the past, they don’t break down how you should utilize the time! If you enrol for CFA online coaching experts would help you prepare a study plan that lets you derive maximum benefits from the number of hours you spend while studying.

Reason 3 – Unable to Resolve Doubts & Questions

As a CFA aspirant, you will develop lots of doubts and questions as you go along preparing for the exam. Who will answer them? If you are on a self-study plan you are likely to spend hours on the Internet trying to search for the answers without the guarantee that all your doubts would be settled. Online coaching program, on the other hand, shall help you overcome this hurdle. Whether it is during live sessions or other interactions with the trainers you will be able to clarify your doubts and add more teeth to your preparations.

Reason 4 – Being Choosy with Topics

Whether you have majored in Economics or come with an MBA degree you are bound to have your strengths and weaknesses. If you study on your own you are likely to rely on your strengths and choose topics that you are well-versed in and take a chance with others that seem tough. It is a flawed strategy because if you wish to succeed you can’t afford to leave out any topics. Online coaching classes would help you gain interest in topics that you would have otherwise skipped and thus prepares you better.

Reason 5 – Not Preparing for the Time Battle

Over the years we have seen many students who have in-depth knowledge in different subject matters fail in this examination. This is because they aren’t prepared for the battle or in other words dealing with the question paper. If you aren’t well-acclimatized with the way the exam is conducted you would end up with failure. Online coaching classes let you take mock tests that prepare you for the tough battle ahead.

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